How Much Love

“I just need something, God, some kind of sign to let me know you’re still there.”

Devotion, Streams in the Desert, Jesus, Lazarus, Jesus is right on time, Jesus will never leave us

I have uttered those words on more occasions than I care to admit to. Things happen. Life gets hard. That’s when it is easy to forget that God promised to never leave nor forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Have you ever felt that way?

Those are the times I am reminded of how much love Christ has shown.

Yesterday, I was reminded again of how much I am loved by the Father; how much love He has for each of us. I was reading a devotion in Streams in the Desert that was based on John 11:6–Yet when he heard that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was two more days.

Do you remember the story? Lazarus was sick unto death. Lazarus was a dear friend to Jesus. His sisters, Martha and Mary were too. He received word that Lazarus was so sick he was going to die. And Jesus did what any of us would do. He dropped everything and went running to be by the side of his friend, doing what only He could do… give comfort to all as He brought healing to Lazarus. Right?


He stayed where He was for two more days.

He stayed where He was!

I’m pretty sure Martha and Mary both murmured the words that I so often speak when I am faced with adversity: “God, where are you? Show me something! And just in case you have any doubts, NOW would be a good time!”

Streams in the Desert states: “Jesus refrained from going not because He did not love them but because He did love them.” And: “Anything less than infinite love would have rushed instantly to the relief of those beloved and troubled hearts, in an effort to end their grief, to have the blessing of wiping and stopping the flow of their tears, and to cause their sorrow and pain to flee. Only the power of divine love could have held back the spontaneity of the Savior’s tenderheartedness until the angel of pain had finished his work.”

I was reminded anew of how much love the Father has. How patient and kind. How He is always on time, right when we need Him to show up. I am reminded too of a lesson I need to be reminded of often… [clickToTweet tweet=”With God there is always purpose in the pain.” quote=”with God, there is always purpose in the pain.”]

It’s in those times of darkness, doubting and fear that allow us the opportunity to grow in our faith and our relationship with Him, and possibly even each other.

That’s how we become followers of Christ.

Jesus Himself assured us that we would have troubles in this world. But He also promised to be there with us, and to show up right when we need Him.

The challenge for me is to continue to count the blessings that He has bestowed, even when I feel so very alone.

He is always with us, guiding, loving and full of grace.

How much love is that?

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