Hospitals, Friends, Monet and Big Blue


I went to the Speed Art Museum with a group of kids and a few parents yesterday. We went to see the Monet Exhibit. I was never much of an Impressionist fan until I was introduced to the works of Claude Monet. I enjoyed the company and the art, but how can 6 paintings by the deceased French Impressionist constitute a Monet Exhibit?

I stopped by the hospital to visit with my aunt in the afternoon. It is so very hard to watch someone you love, someone who was sharp, witty and active not so very long ago , become so confused. I enjoy seeing her laugh. I love the chats we have even if we have the same conversations over and over. She’s a special lady.

All through the day I was conversing with a few distraught friends via text, phone and face-to-face. Their conflicts are real, their pain is tangible, their heartache ever-present. I wish we could sit where others are sitting and feel what they are feeling for the sake of better understanding. I wish we could sit in that seat when we don’t know what to say.

I saw the mother of one of my son’s friends. She recently lost her husband, quickly and tragically in a car accident. He left the house to go to work and he never came home. It made me think of how much I dislike living in the apartment my family currently resides. I wish I didn’t…dislike it or live in an apartment. But it hit me, this woman who I barely knew, this woman I embraced and listened to as she spoke of her journey from the physical pain of grief to the world of living without her spouse; this woman would gladly trade places with me, give up her home and all that she possessed just to have her husband back.

The day ended with the UK/Ohio State basketball game. It was a good game. I’m not a Kentucky fan but way to get the win! Not hearing any talk of this year being Coach Cal’s last now. Good luck to the Cats (and especially the fans) tomorrow against North Carolina.

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