Hope Coaching

Are you a woman who is married to an addict? Then you have been through so much. The lies and the betrayal can be so devastating. It sometimes feels like you're losing your mind.


So many people want to tell you what to do (even if you didn't ask). Everyone knows what your next move should be but this is YOUR life, YOUR marriage, YOUR family.

You are the one who will live with the decisions you make. You are the one who will be accountable to God. You.

Only you can decide what your next steps will be, based on your own unique set of circumstances and events that have taken place in your marriage.


It's time to let God show you your next right steps.

Hope Coaching


*4 weekly one hour sessions

*Living your core values

*Grief work

*Weekly Assignments based on your needs

*Access via email

*And more







*One 15 minute prayer call via phone or Zoom (your choice)

*3 prayers sent via email over the course of the week of your choosing coinciding with the 15 minute prayer call

*Opportunity to move forward with hope coaching

*Free or donation