Honor to Be a Mother

It is an honor to be a mother, I thought as I came across this graphic on Facebook just the other day. It stirred my soul. The Better Mom is the source of the graphic and it so reminded me of my friend, Jan.

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I have written about Jan a few times. She was my very dear, and oldest friend. We knew each other most of our lives, although we didn’t become good friends until we were adults and mothers ourselves.

Jan was very intentional about mothering. These words-they describe who she was as a mother. She relished her role as a grandma too, however, she told me on more than one occasion when we would get together, how desperately she missed being a younger mom to her three beautiful daughters, especially during those homeschool days gone by.

Jan was the type of mother and Ā homeschool mom we all worked to be like, or at the very least, wished we were somewhat like.

There was only one Jan.

There is only one you, too. Precious and unique.

We all have a Jan in our lives, and that’s a good thing! Once I got past being in awe of her mad mothering/homeschooling skills I was able to relax and just get to know the wonderful person that she was, and in doing so, come to accept myself a little more.

And I realized as I read this graphic and allowed it to take me to a place of sadness for the loss of my dear friend, I was able to yield to the words and let them work their magic in me.

I was able to let the words of encouragement and love, fill my heart as a woman and as a mother. I sat in silence and soaked in the wisdom of these words I read on the graphic.

Motherhood isn’t rare. It isn’t a role bestowed on the sacred few. Any female can become a mother. But to embrace the challenge of becoming a treasured legacy is indeed an intentional, purposeful lifestyle. What a precious opportunity we mothers have be given, time to shape, mold and build a relationship with those we cherish the most.

Am I alone in these thoughts? Perhaps I look upon motherhood as such a gift because it was ten long, heart-breaking years before I conceived my oldest child.

Although I’m pretty sure that it would take a lifetime to “get over” the loss of my friend, I embrace the gift that it was, and accept the treasure that mothering is all about, as I allow time, and the love that I have been given by a Power greater than myself, to bestow this gift on my children.

I am grateful.

It is an honor to be a mother.

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