Home-Based Business…No Start-Up Cost

A lot of folks are looking for ways to make extra money these days, and who can blame them? Especially if it’s a home-based business with no start-up costs.

Eighteen years ago a friend and I decided to start a cleaning business. Granted, we did have to leave our homes to do this, but technically it was home-based. I was fortunate enough to know of a woman who had been cleaning for several years, and decided to get out of the biz. She gave me the list of customers, and the business was born.

My friend and I worked the business together for four years, and she decided to get out and follow another path. I continued on, and am still going!

I was thinking the other day, doing a little calculating, which I generally try to avoid. Hey, I married a man who likes numbers. Anyway, I figured it up and discovered that I had made approximately 100k over the course of those 18 years just cleaning houses. That was generally one day a week…4-5 five hours, Seriously?!! I was a bit shocked.

Four years ago I decided to expand and go into commercial cleaning. That’s where the good jobs are at. Again, I knew a woman who had cleaned for sever years and was giving her business up to be a stay-at-home/home school mom. I bought her business for a decent price, and it has been quite satisfying being.

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