Holiday World=Family Fun

My family and I took a trip to Holiday World last weekend. It was a good time. Holiday World=family fun. They are open every weekend until October 26, and they are well decorated for fall and Halloween. The hours are different than during the regular season but so are the ticket prices. The best part for us was there were no lines to wait in on the day we were there~

family fun

The weather was nice which added to the day. Holiday World is known for their extended water park features. Now that summer is over that part is closed.

Old Time Cars

Our first ride of the day! You can see the excitement mounting.

Holiday World

This was not a good sign for the coaster riders in our group. I can take them or leave them. The Voyage is the longest roller coaster in the world (don’t quote me on that). It doe lasts a long time, however. The first (and only time) I rode it, it lasted for like a year! We arrived to see the cars stuck on the first hill and not long after, some folks making their way slowly down that very hill. The sign posted a little later assured us there would be no Voyage rides today!


The extra high swings are a fav as noted by my brother and son. I later bumped my head on the rails here trying to get on the ride with other members of my party. I was on the Liberty Launch with a few in our party but wanted to ride those swings again! Not my finest moment and dang, did it hurt!

Holiday World

My husband insisted that if you pumped the bar up and down this turkey twirled a little more. My son and brother didn’t believe him so they all three rode together. Excited, right? They were asked to leave the bar alone.

Holiday World

Making the eagles soar was another fun ride, though not a thrill ride. We rode this one a time or two as there was usually no wait.

Although we were there for about 5 1/2 hours (the park is only open for 6 hours on Sunday) it was a fun day for all, and we were pretty tired from all the walking.

family fun

No matter what time of year you visit, Holiday World=Family Fun for sure!

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  1. Years ago Katie won four tickets through the summer reading program and we bought a fifth. I think this was the girls’ first amusement park. We had a great time! It is a good memory.


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