Holding Place

Do you ever find yourself in a holding place? I am in one now. A holding place is like being in limbo, but with a purpose.

God’s purpose.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not always fond of this holding place, nor, do I imagine, are you.

Recovery, struggles, dysfunction, God has a plan

We’re on Facebook and Instagram, right? We can see the updates: “I’m on a mini-vacay with the hubs. We’re poolside, watching the waves as they rush to shore.” And “Having the best weekend EVER! #goodtimes, #friends, #♥myfamily!

The holding place can be lonely. It can appear like the most desolate place on the face of the earth.

It can, but it’s not.

This is the place that God has chosen for me and I think, if you look around, you will notice He put you there as well.

This is the place where He is teaching us what it means to feel alone but know He will never leave nor forsake us.

I recently heard the word”forsake” in this context means drop.

God will never drop us!

This is a comforting thought. He lovingly arranged this time for a reason, to prepare us for the purpose He has for each of us.

It’s all been a training ground. I didn’t always learn the lessons or see the point in the circumstances or events that came my way. It’s kind of hard to, until we find ourselves in another time of messiness, which only meant that He was moving us forward, closer to this holding place.

I once thought of this time as a punishment of sorts, for NOT being aware enough or astute enough to learn the lessons life was doling out.

But I was wrong.

We are being groomed and prepared for this time.

God has to have confidence in who we think we are before He allows us to be in this pattern of waiting on Him, otherwise we might view it as just another struggle.

It can seem lonely in this place, waiting, hoping and holding on, but once you realize we’re there for a reason-to fulfill His purpose in our lives-then all the status updates in the world won’t matter a bit.

If we could only embrace this time for what it truly is; a time for the Father to hold us protectively in His arms because we have been through so very much. He is there to allow us the time we need to grieve all the losses experienced.

His loving arms of protection.

Trust the process. His process.

In the holding place.

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