Henryville, Indiana

We were in Henryville, Indiana today. This is the little town that was hit so hard by the tornado on March 2, 2012. These pictures don’t really show the utter devastation that was wreaked on that community just a few days ago.
As is most often the case, there are numerous people helping in many ways, as was evidenced there today, and in ways unseen as well.
The death toll from those tornadoes in Southern Indiana and Kentucky stands at 34. So many lives lost. So many lives forever altered…
There are many churches, organizations, and individuals that are giving of their time and resources, however, more helped is needed. If you would like to participate in helping this town rebuild their lives, please visit secc.org. There is information on this site that will show you how you can help.
For more information on the tornado that touched down in Henryville visit: www.washingtonpost.com/…/henryville…/gIQAfn2RzR_blog.html

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