Heirloom Greenbeans

We had the longest season of harvesting green beans we’ve ever had. We put in a raised bed garden in our backyard last year. This year it brought a wow factor. My husband planted an heirloom variety that my parents gave him for Christmas.

Rattlesnake Heirloom Green Beans


They are called Rattlesnake green beans and they are amazing! They have purple on them! I like purple. The beans were good too and they just kept coming.Rattlesnake Green Beans

In fact, if not for the frost we had the past two nights we would still be picking green beans. But all good things must come to an end and so the green beans are gone. No worries though, the hubs is drying some beans to plant next year.

Another in fact, he used dried beans from the first planting of the season to plant a second time in August which is why we still have green beans. Don’t be jealous of our mad gardening skills.

Growing green beans…easy peasy.


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