Healing is a Choice

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I am reading the book Healing is a Choice by Steve Arterburn. What a great book it is! Healing is a choice for sure. We all get to choose whether we want to be healed or stay stuck. Sometimes it’s a long journey to get to the point of choosing to heal. Sometimes we are just not ready to let go of the problems and resentments in order to be free enough to choose healing. When you get there, to the place that you want change so desperately you will do anything to have it, then Healing is a Choice is an excellent resource to aid you along your path of healing.

Today I was reading about emotions in the book Healing is a Choice. We all have them. We were born with them, in fact, and feelings are neither right or wrong. There are negative feelings and positive feelings and we experience them all at one time or another.

I’ve written about feelings before. Here are a few posts: 10 Things You Need to Know When Your Child Goes Through a Break-up and My Living Well Minute – Feelings Are Fickle . Feelings come and feelings go. They always will.

Today what struck me while I was reading was an emotion checklist. Steve provides a list of emotions and the reader gets to provide a definition of what these emotions mean to them. I did the exercise. I was a bit surprised by what I wrote, but in a good way. I am growing and that’s all that any of us can hope for, right?

Then he ended that segment with three questions to answer. The questions are good ones. They give us the opportunity to evaluate what we are feeling at present and an overall look at the feelings we most often experience. Again, this is valuable information to have about yourself.

If you are serious about healing, then Healing is a Choice is an excellent tool. I can’t say enough about the way this guide gently leads you toward a better way to live by understanding feelings in general, and your own personal feelings overall.

Let us help you in your journey of healing.

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