Grandparents Are A Gift

Grandparents Are A Gift

I just got home from cleaning a couple of offices – my day (and night) job – and I was thinking. There is a lot of time to think while cleaning. I usually come up with topics to blog about while working. A bonus for sure!

We live in such a information world…personal information. That comes with pros and cons. Take Facebook, for instance. Sometimes you get too much information from that social media platform…WAY too much info. And other times, not quite enough.

Like when you read about someone you have known most of your life having a massive stroke. Not that I am close to this person, but I have memories from long ago…church memories, which is where I met this family.

My heart goes out to them all as I read tidbits of a not very good prognosis. I am saddened for this family.

I can’t help but to reflect upon the time my grandma had a stroke that left her unable to walk, talk or use her right hand. So very sad. My grandma lived for eleven years in that condition, in a home. My grandfather visited her every day (except for one snowy/icy day) of those eleven years. What devotion.

We lost my grandma twice. She was a different person after the stroke. She loved to talk, and talk, and talk! We could no longer communicate with her after the stroke, though we carried on one-sided conversations anyway.

On one hand it was good to have her with us still. We could visit her, see her, touch her, but so very hard to do so at the same time. Sometimes I wondered if it wouldn’t have been better for her to have survived the stroke…not very often, though. I was selfishly grateful for her presence.

Eleven years later we said good0bye to her again. This time a permanent one. She passed from this life a few days before Christmas. Her funeral was on Christmas Eve.

I miss my grandma still. Some of my most cherished childhood memories (and adult too) involve my sweet grandmother.

To the family who is watching and waiting, I feel your pain and pray for you all.

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