Grammy’s Life So Far – The Diagnosis

My very dear friend from Grammy’s Life So Far has been sharing her story of breast cancer. The Diagnosis is the second part. The first part can be found here: Tough Decision.  I think she is so very brave and courageous to do so. I admire her greatly and think she is an inspiration to many…a role model. I always have. I want to share a bit of her story her and ask that you go read the rest at Grammy’s Life So Far – The Diagnosis.

Friendly Friday

Her words: I talked about “Game Changer” in a previous post. I had found a hard mass on my right breast on the evening of May 15th. I had a mammogram scheduled for the next week, so I just waited for that appointment. Over the next few weeks I was called back for a second mammogram, and then I was sent to a women’s diagnostic center for an ultrasound.

Visit the link above and read the rest of her story. It is truly an inspiration.

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