We Got Trouble, My Friend!


Just take a look around you. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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Do you see what I mean? In one week alone, we have a company offering a chip implant for those who want to volunteer. We have a story of tourists being drugged in Mexico. We have a horrific accident on the midway at the Ohio State Fair with all of it’s devastation and unanswered questions, and we have the every-day countless shootings, death by cancer and other such diseases.

We got trouble, my friend. Yes. We. Do

How do you grow in your faith; in your relationship with Christ, when troubled times roll around? And roll around they will.

And then I read this post: WWJD IN THE AGE OF DONALD TRUMP?

It’s hard for me to read political posts. It’s just as hard for me to do that as it is to listen to University of Kentucky fans smack-talk, and the University of Louisville fans answer back. I get a bit edgy on both counts, because in essence, we’re all the same. In the fan world of college basketball, and in politics. The same people who condemn, proclaim and take issue with the other side are saying and feeling the exact same things.

With politics, however, you can cite your reasons, and you are probably right. But just last year, at this exact time, the other party was saying the exact same things, and they had their points, too.

And then I read WTFWJD in the above mentioned post. I hope you can decipher that, but if not, more power to you! I shook my head and thought, “How can you reduce that phrase to this?” Right after, I thought: “But I’m not here to judge” (though I often do). Because this imperfect heart is just like yours.

It’s no easy feat, wading through all the crossfire, and mayhem. But here’s what I came up with: I don’t have the answer to “what would Jesus do in the age of Donald Trump”. Heck, I don’t usually have the answers to what Jesus would do in the circumstances and situations in my life. I think perhaps, we have missed the simplicity of the gospel: to love God with all of our hearts, which lead us to love others as ourselves. In other words, treat people how you want to be treated.

Respect the view point of others.

Don’t despair! God knew Donald Trump was going to be elected president, just as He knew President Obama was going to serve two terms.

God has a purpose-ALWAYS.

Keep your heart focused on the things that are most meaningful.

Live with the end in mind.

Because even though we have trouble, my friend, the end will come for each of us. And that’s the only thing we can remotely control; how we choose to live and conduct our lives. In that case, WWJD surely applies.



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