Got Doubt?

John the Baptist had doubt about the authenticity of Christ as the Messiah. Who could blame him?

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Luke 7:21-22: In that hour He healed many people of diseases and plaques and evil spirits, and on many who were blind He bestowed sight. And He answered them, “Go and tell John what you have seen…”

John was related to Jesus. He was the one chosen to go before and proclaim the coming of the Lord. And he did!

But then he doubted.

He spent two years in a lonely prison cell, growing wearier by the day, so he sent a messenger to ask Jesus a bold, honest question, “Are you the One?”

Do you ever doubt? At times, most of us will experience a prison of our own, whether in an actual cell, or the one we’ve built with our choices and bad decisions.

John lost hope.

Jesus responded.

Jesus will always respond!

Dare you ask Him?

Are You the One?

He will answer with hope.

He always does.


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