the good mother myth

I was given the book the good mother myth to review. This post contains an affiliate link and will result in my being compensated if you purchase the book from this site. All the opinions about this book are my own.

The good mother myth is a collaboration by various mothers regaling us with their adventures of motherhood and letting us in on a well-known fact: there is no such thing as a perfect mother, though “good mother”, to me is arguable.

I read the book in three-chapter-a-night segments right before I turned in for the night. The book was divided into five different parts and was an easy read because the chapters are short.

This book involves diverse families, very modern 21st century stuff here. If you are looking for June Cleaver and the family, you won’t find them among these pages. What you will find, however, is a universal story of how we mother our children; how we were mothered and how that sometimes intertwines.

What you will ultimately find is a story of love; sometimes funny, sometimes hard but always present.



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