Good-bye CR-V, Hello Camry

Today is the last day to drive my Honda CR-V. I will now be driving a Toyota Camry. I loved the CR-V…as much as one can love an inanimate object. I know I shouldn’t be so attached but I am. What can I say?

I also know that the decision to trade my CR-V for the Camry was a good decision. It was a mature decision based on facts and the good of the common people…at least in our family. The decision was founded upon a solid plan for the future. But I so wish I didn’t have to do it.

I liked how the CR-V sat, how it looked, how it handled, all the bells and whistles and the many safety features. It was a good, dependable ride that took me and my family (mostly me) on many adventures and to the necessary, not-so-fun places. Today has been a day of mourning, grieving and great gnashing of teeth…with a few tears thrown in as well.

This is my tribute. Not sure if this is normal behavior or not, writing a tribute to a vehicle. Not sure I care. It is what it is (I say that a lot, I know). I’ll miss my car but I’ll get over it. And that’s just the way it is.

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