An old and faithful friend is gone. My washing machine is dead. It has been with my family for eight years, serving every time it has been called upon to do so. It will be missed.

The times we spent together will forever be etched in my memory. Those eight years were the baseball years, the football years, the times of riding bikes over dirt paths and puddles years. The slip-n-slide down the hill that inevitably ended in the wet and muddy yard years.The playing in the creek years. This machine grew up with my children, but it is now time to say good-bye.

I made a trip today to the store where we buy our appliances. I was there in search of the machine that will take the place of my newly departed washer. Sadly there was no replacement to be found for the machine that I had has been replaced by a trendy, savvy, more complicated and costly version. I did the best I could under the circumstances, however, and purchased one that will do.

Good-byes are a necessary part of life. So farewell washer friend of mine. I will tip my imaginary hat as I watch them wheel you out the door, and salute you for a job well done. And then I will make room in my heart for the new one being carted in and set in your place.

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