Gone Missing…Again

I’ve been remiss or just plain missing, but not really…just here in cyberspace, my online presence has been absent.

Things are really busy this time of year, for everyone, I know.

I’ve been driving a lot. I have a new car. We bought it the first of September. When we drove it off the lot it had 5 miles on it. Today it shows 6100 and some change.

The bumper is fixed now. Yay! Thanks to the hubs.

I’ve attended a few more basketball games and I have conducted myself in a respectful manner…well for the most part.

I’ve spent some time in self-reflection and examination. Man, I hate that. But it’s a good thing to do. There has been growth. Tiny perhaps, but there nonetheless. Growth is good, growth is painful. Sometimes it’s hard to let go.

I’ve had lunch with a sister-in-law, dinner with an old friend, a short conversation on the phone with a high school friend, and a brief encounter with a childhood friend, both who I haven’t talked to in over 30 years.

I am old, and am getting older. And that is a good thing too. It means I’m still alive.

Friends are good. My husband and I spent five hours on Sunday with a couple who we consider some of our closest friends. I laughed so much I had to leave. I was tired of laughing. True story.

I’ve traveled for two hours with my family to do a photo shoot for a possible modeling job. (Have I mentioned I’m married to a male model?) This will require a post.

And I am participating in a blog cookie exchange. Fun stuff, that, and will also require a post.

So there you go, caught up in a vague, sketchy sort of way. Just wanted to touch base, to let my cyber peeps know I’m still here…more to follow.

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  1. Good for you for taking some time to do those important things in your life…reflecting, growing, nurturing relationships, traveling and baking! Sounds like a fulfilling time off of cyberspace!! 🙂 male model? Hmm…


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