Going to the Movies

I went to the see a movie today. I don’t do his often. I like movies, mind you, it just never seems to fit into the schedule. I was given a gift card to a theater for Mother’s Day that I haven’t yet used so I went to see Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. Until yesterday I hadn’t even heard of the movie, let alone the book series, but there you have it.

I have my two nieces this summer, almost everyday. They get a little bored…okay a lot bored, so we decided to go to the movies. It was fun. The movie was cute. The girls enjoyed it. The food was expensive! And it was fun.

I haven’t seen a kid’s movie since…well since last summer when I took them to see the Ramona movie. I kind of miss those days with my own kids. And my nieces are getting older. Who knows if they’ll stay with me next summer. So I take advantage of the situation now, doing things with them I miss as I patiently wait for grand kids!

life…just saying

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