God’s Love

I heard an timely message today. It was timely for me. It was basic and simplistic, in nature, but full of complexities as I apply it in my life. I think I had forgotten that God loves me… personally. And He’s really not about what I do, how much or how little. In fact, if anything He would rather I do less and depend upon Him more.

I have found that I have been buying into the present-day philosophy that it all depends on me. It doesn’t. I have a part to play, I know. He has a part to play as well, and I find that I sometimes attempt to do His part, all the while doing mine. Which puts me into a position that I was never intended to occupy. I’ve not done this intentionally or even consciously, it just sort of evolved to this place.

I am deciding, for I know it will be a process, to turn that around and get back into the proper place in my life and allow God back into His…and reconnect with His love…again.

Basic, simple and freeing.

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