God’s Love

I heard a timely message today on God’s love. It was basic and simplistic as far as doctrine goes, but full of complexities as I attempt to apply it in my life. I think we can often forget about God’s love for us on a personal level. He’s not about what I do, how much or how little. In fact, if anything He would rather I do less and depend upon Him more.

God’s love is unchanging, unconditional and personal.

God's love, trusting God, letting God be God, doing your part

It’s easy to forget sometimes, that God’s love has nothing to do with our righteousness. We are made righteous through Jesus and that never changes no matter what we do or don’t do. That being the case, God’s love has nothing to do with our actions whether good or bad. He will never love you more than He does right this second no matter what you do or don’t do.

God’s love is not philosophy where it all depends on me. It doesn’t. We each have a part to play. Accepting the work on the cross and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is what we are called to do. God has a part to play as well. This is His world. We are His idea and creation. I find that I sometimes attempt to do His part, me playing God. When we operate that way, it puts us into a position that we were never intended to occupy. I’ve not done this intentionally or even consciously, it just sort of evolved to this place. I bet the same is true for you.

God’s love is a mystery to me at times. I don’t always understand why He did what He did knowing we would respond the way we do.

May we always decide, when the occasion arises, to get back into the proper place in our lives and allow God back into His. May we each remember God’s love is everlasting and unfailing.



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