Gateway Arch

I really can’t tell you how many times I have driven through St. Louis, Missouri and saw the Gateway Arch, or how many times I have snapped a picture of the Gateway to the west. I passed by it several times as a child, I know. The Texas Tour with The Cook Family Singers comes to mind as one particular time, as does the time my mom made us gently led the whole family to see Dodge City in Kansas.

Gateway Arch

In all of those times I have passed through I’ve never been to the Arch, never ventured up into the Arch. Scratch that off my bucket list, folks, the deed is done. I even touched it as we were leaving.

It seems like I am always just passing through St. Louis. This time, thanks to The SITS Girls and #BBCSTL I was there for a few days.

According to the pamphlet we were given upon purchasing our tickets, The Gateway Arch is the nation’s tallest monument, reaching 630 feet. This iconic, awe-inspiring arch has welcomed visitors for nearly 50 years.

I must say, I was a wee bit worried when they asked if I was claustrophobic. I mean I’m not and all but you never know when it might hit, like while you’re entombed in a car for five, traveling steadily to the top of the St Louis, Missouri Gateway Arch.

Here is a short video while waiting for the ride up:

It wasn’t a huge deal, as far as thrills go, and the view, while something to see, afforded only a few small windows with a crowd of people vying for their chance to take a peek. All in all, I am glad that I finally had the opportunity to visit this inspiring monument with historical such value and would encourage all to do so.

Have you ever been in the Arch? What did you think?

5 thoughts on “Gateway Arch”

  1. I feel similarly – I’m generally not claustrophobic but I don’t really test that very often!
    Now I’m off to YouTube videos of the cars.
    I always thought you drive right under the arch when you drive in St. Louis. I guess not, right? You walk under it?

    • Nope, you can drive really close…right by it, in fact, but it’s a park. A very pretty setting, especially in the spring with the flowering trees.

  2. The first time I went to the arch was crazy, fun, scary and claustrophobic. When you get to the top you can feel the wind blowing you. (this is normal) just a weird feeling. When you come here you have to go to the arch.


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