Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday

I am sharing a post today that spoke to me this week. I like to do that sometimes on Fridays. It seems like a friendly thing to do and since friendly and Friday start with the same letter, well you see my logic, right?

Friendly Friday

The title itself was enough to draw me in: Sometimes I Think Horrible Things About Myself. I have never met Tamara in person, though I hope to one day. She has an amazing way with words, almost as amazing as her photography. Sometimes I just get lost…

So when I saw this post that I had to read, I knew instantly that she’s not alone in her thoughts and I knew that I wanted you to read it too.

She starts her post with these words:

There are some posts that are harder to publish than others.

I used to get nervous every time I hit the “publish” button. I’d sort of duck my head, as if you could all see me at the very moment a blog post took to the web. I used to feel sick, although not severely, unless it was something really hard to write. I think I felt a little crazy when I was publishing my love story – even crazier when I was writing it to the music I used to listen to when I first lived it. I felt like how I had felt then – but all at once. Sometimes then, and sometimes now – I felt/feel like this:

You will want to click here Sometimes I Think Horrible Things About Myself and finish reading…trust me.

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