For King and Country

For King and Country was at Southeast Christian Church this weekend. They helped lead worship. I loved it!
They did their unplugged set, but what they did….the vocals were great. The xylophone was cool, the drum (only one), the cello, the accordion (yes there was a wee bit of an accordion on one song), the board thingy that Luke played, and even the tambourine…I usually hate the tambourine! It was all awesome.
So, I decided while sitting there in amazement, THAT’S what I want to do. Are you listening 10 Boom!? Forget the keys, the electric guitars, bass, drums and all the pedals with effects…I want to do what they did.
In fact, maybe I just want to be them. They are, after all, the band to watch in 2012, according to Billboard Magazine. And they are the brothers of Rebecca St. James. So there you go.
What’s that 10 Boom!? You don’t want to go unplugged? Well, maybe I’ll find a brother who is a musician…wait! I have a brother who is a musician! Maybe he’ll want to go all For King and Country with me. I think I can count my husband in.
Or maybe I’ll just stick with what I do, and let For King and Country do what they do, while I enjoy. Can you tell I’m a new fan? Just sayin…

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