Following the Leader

Follow The Leader by Peter Griffin

I have been giving a lot of thought to leadership lately. I’ve heard a few comments on the topic and I’m weighing the validity of them all. So I looked the word up…online dictionary, of course.

Websters defines the word Lead as:


to guide on a way especially by going in advance, to go through, to guide someone or something along the way.
In Christian circles men are said to be leaders of their homes. I agree with that, but not in the way some may think. I think men are the leaders in their home. Not in a “I’m the head of the house and what I say goes” sort of way. Not even in a: if there is a decision to be made and the husband and wife differ on which way to go, the husband, by default to his ‘leadership’ gets the vote, way either. And especially not in an excuse sort of way, as in “my husband says I can’t or he won’t let me do such and such.”
The husband is the leader of the home because God placed him in that position. PERIOD. The husband has been leading all along, whether he was aware of it or not, or whether he chose to or not. The question begs to be asked at this point, what kind of leader has he been?
Adolph Hitler was a leader. It’s sad but true. He was very successful, albeit misguided by his beliefs and ideas, at leading multitudes of people to commit atrocious acts against innocent men, women and children.
On the polar opposite of this spectrum, the ultimate example of a leader is Jesus Christ. He had many followers, tis true, and still does some 2,000 years later. But there are more still who don’t believe, and thus choose not to follow. Having followers does not a leader make.
A true leader, the most effective leader is one who leads by example and serves people, just like Jesus. He led by love, by placing value on the very existence of every living person. He led by serving, caring for their most basic needs. He listened to them, rejoiced with them and cried with them because of their loss and pain. He prayed for them, encouraged them, and taught them lessons to guide them through life. He laid down His life for all of mankind. Whether they chose to follow or not.

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  1. It sounds like you’ve been listening to my husband as he is talking to young men in our pre-marital counseling. He tells them all that God places them in that role; the question is whether they’ll lead their family well and most importantly in a Christ centered way or not. Of course, we know you haven’t. I guess we’ve all been reading the same book 😛 But then, the question begs to be asked, do we ladies allow our men to lead. Sometimes, we decide they are going to fail before they ever get started and run with the lead ourselves…unless I’m the only one.

    • Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I appreciate your comments and value your opinion. I respectly beg to differ with the last part, however. 🙂 Men are placed in the leadership role by God. I don’t have the power to allow or disallow. Women are responders by nature. When I am being led well, I respond. When I’m not being led at all, or poorly, I respond as well. The responsibility to lead is on the leader, not the follower. My choosing how to respond belongs to me. Do I ever slip into the leadership role? You bet I do. Right or wrong? Depends on the situation and the circumstances, and the attitude of my heart.


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