Fishes, Loaves and Multiplication

I read some commentary by Debbie Macomber about the boy in the Bible with the loaves and fishes and I want to share it with you. The boy in the story had a small lunch but a huge willingness to share. And that can make all the difference.

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Often, our willingness to share our seemingly meager resources, our time, our words, ours acts of hospitality and kindness, yield so much more than we could ever imagine. God’s math is amazing!

All the boy had were a few sardines and stone-sized loaves of bread, or so the commentary said. The real gift was his willingness to share. Being open and willing can set the stage for God to move in ways beyond our limited way of thinking.

Like the boy in the story, we need not be ashamed of bringing our small lunch to Jesus. If that is all we have, what is there to be ashamed of? And, it is way more pleasing to Him for us to be willing to give all we have. If we are willing to do so, and if we hold our resources with an open hand, there’s no telling what God can do. The magic of multiplication is what happens when we are willing to bring whatever we have, be it big or meager, are gifts to God.

The real miracle is the multiplication of limited resources. It’s a simple element in God’s economy. It’s what He does. This is where the real power of generosity comes in. The more we give, the more we receive. It is the law of sowing and reaping. Add God’s multiplication as part of the equation and the sky is the limit. Like the boy in the story, we must be willing to offer our own fishes and loaves for miracles to take place.

It sometimes only takes a willing heart to see how big God’s heart is toward His children.

Simply put, God multiplies our giving, oftentimes in ways we will never see. In His hands each act of generosity we offer to Him, no matter how small, becomes part of this miracle of multiplication. I’m not a math person, but this kind of math, God’s math, although I may not totally understand how it works, I trust the One who makes it work.

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