Filing Bankruptcy

We had an appointment with an attorney today. We are starting the bankruptcy process. I do so with mixed emotions. Actually, a lot of emotions period. It is, I suppose, the first step to getting back to life as we knew it, life before foreclosure. I miss that life, I really do, however, I wouldn’t be filing if it wasn’t for the garnishment of my husband’s wages.

It has been interesting, for the past seven months, to see how we could survive on 25% less than we were accustomed to living on. We’ve done it. Not in a barely-get-by sort of way. God has indeed provided but we decided we could use the money in far better ways than just handing it over to Republic Bank, who, by-the-way, not only received a substantial down payment when we purchased the houses, and assigned rents to themselves very early on in the foreclosure game, so the money they “lost” was minimal; not to mention that they took possession of the houses, by buying them back from themselves…will someone please explain to me, if the houses were theirs to take back, why then would they need to purchase them on the courthouse steps?

I just totally digressed. Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah, Republic Bank has already sold these houses. So they are collecting money from the new owners of the houses as well as collecting money from us, the previous owners of the houses through garnishments. That’s quite a return on investment. Maybe we should all become bankers! So much for the rant…

Filing bankruptcy isn’t one of those things on my 1001 things I must do before I die kind of thing. In fact, it didn’t make the list at all, but here we are, so this is the next step. Perhaps it should have taken place already but it starts today.

Isn’t it funny in a not-so-funny sort of way, the paths our lives can take because of the choices we make. Then again, maybe not so funny after all. And I am okay with that.

life…just saying

5 thoughts on “Filing Bankruptcy”

  1. been there….carried the “shame” I attached to it…and..let it go. Its what our system has in place for these type of situations. It does seem inequitable that Republic Bank can collect twice on these properties …and..that the agreements we sign. Chin up my don’t make ya bad! And, God really doesn’t care about that kinda stuff. I believe she is much more concerned with whats in your heart….and this I know is the good stuff!


  2. My husband and I have considered bankruptcy even though we’re young. I lost my job, and his job didn’t pay much. 1080 dollars a month, and unfortunately we had/have plenty of debt. We’re trying to stick it out and pay it off, but even after a new job, we just barely make it to pay rent, put food on the table and gas in the car. Don’t feel bad about your situation though, God gives us tests and trials, and only so much we can handle!

  3. Don,The shame stigma seems to be disappearing. It sort of has to with so many people being forced into filing. And I agree, God looks at the heart.

    I totally get the holding out and holding on. We did that for a lot of years. It causes a lot of stress and not much joy. I pray for God to give you strength and peace of mind as you walk this trial out.

    Blessings to you both!


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