Feeling Displaced

Have you ever experienced feeling displaced? I have been feeling that way all day. I’m not sure what brought this on and I’m not sure what it means exactly because feeling displaced can be caused by different types of circumstances.

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It doesn’t have to be logical or even make sense. Feelings often don’t, they just are. I am finding that the warmer weather that Spring is bringing has also brought longings and yearnings that I have been unable to fulfill. I miss the ability to be outside which lends to feeling displaced.

Feeling displace looks a little like this, I enjoy working in the yard, tending my flowers and even mowing the grass. Now that we are living in an apartment I don’t have those things and I miss them terribly. I find that coming home to our apartment doesn’t feel like coming home at all. Some might argue that it doesn’t matter the building in which you dwell as long as you are surrounded by those you love. To a point I agree, in a disagreeing sort of way.

Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes. Not sure where that leaves me because my heart is sort of left behind in the house we once resided. Not so much the house itself, but that which it represented. Feeling displaced comes from missing things in our lives we have lost.

My heart definitely isn’t here in this apartment but my family is so I find myself in a quandary of sorts. I try to bear up and continue on; taking care of my family, being grateful for all that I am blessed with but I do so without much heart. I take comfort in knowing that this in not my forever place and find I need to be reminded of that very thing on a regular basis. But that doesn’t chase away feeling displaced.

Whatever you have gone through that leaves you feeling displaced, take heart! It won’t last. And trust God to see you through. He will never leave or forsake you no matter what you have gone through.

For encouragement from fellow sojourners, check out my podcast, Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Planned.

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