I’ve been thinking a lot about fear lately. This is not a perfect life, so there can be much to be in fear of. Not that I am fearful at the moment. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived with plenty of fear, but that’s not where I am currently dwelling even though people in the world seems to have lost the ability to think for themselves. And, I’m pretty sure there is plenty to be in fear about. But still, that’s not where I’m coming from today.

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As I have mentioned in Mysteries, Every Little Moment and I Am Not, I have been reading New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp. The line at the top of today’s reading had to do with fear. Here is what Tripp said; “For the believer, fear is always God-forgetful. If God is sovereign and His rule is complete, wise, righteous and good, why would you fear?”. Why indeed?

That’s the reason I have been thinking about fear. If we believe what we say we believe about God, then why are we afraid? If we believe in Psalm 139 then what is there to be afraid of?

2020 was off the charts world-wide. Most of us alive today have either never experienced a pandemic, nor remember one, so everything that happened…all the sickness, death and uncertainty, all the political and racial unrest, all the families who have lost jobs and so much more, gives us great reason to fear. But do we believe in God? Do we believe in Who He says He is? Do we believe in the Bible, and specifically Psalm 139?

It isn’t easy. Everything that is happening is scary. There is a natural reason to be in fear, but are God’s ways not higher than the natural?

And then there’s the chaos in your personal life. That’s where I want to land. I have it. I’m pretty sure you do too. Plenty of reason to be in fear there, but what I am learning is if I have and continue to submit my life to God each and every day, if I continue to trust Him with my future no matter what I had prayed and hoped for, then all things will surely work together for God’s good and mine as well.

It’s tempting to be in fear, on a world-wide and personal level, but He truly has never failed me yet. He is there for you in that exact same way.

God is greater than anything that is going on in our country and our world. He is greater than the pain of our marriages and families. God is bigger.

What is there to be in fear of? What are you afraid of concerning your marriage? Your future? Do you have it all figured out? Do you have someone walking with you? If not, I walk with women just like you, wives of sex addicts, to help quiet the chaos of your life and mind so can figure your own unique next steps.

Let me know how I can pray for you~


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