Fear To Freedom

Day 8 of 40 Days of Lent

Today’s devotional scripture is from Luke 5:10 &11: “…Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.’ And when they had brought their boats to land they left everything and followed Him.”

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How do we leave everything and follow Him?

The original twelve disciples left the lives they had know, their livelihood, changed the way they lived to hang with Jesus. Are we called to do that today?

Some are, no doubt, however, more often than not, I think it’s more about living out our faith on purpose.

So how do we become “fishers of people”? One of the best ways I know is found in connection and telling your story. Stories have a way of compelling us and connecting us to each other. I think we’ve made it too complicated, too churchy. Be real, be authentic and tell people how knowing Jesus has changed your life.

There is a movement at my church. It’s called Love Where You Are. We have formal groups where people gather in each other’s homes and invite others to join them. But it’s really not about groups or church.

It’s about connection.

It’s about letting people in enough to see your flaws and to see Jesus take something meant for harm, and turn it around to impact lives. That’s the really cool thing about Jesus, not only will He use it to change YOUR life, but it becomes a domino effect.

It’s about being aware that there is a higher purpose, a bigger reason than we can see. We have strayed far from that concept. We think life really is about us.

Living with the end in mind, is another way to put it. What matters most? People are the only thing of eternal value.

How do we become “fishers of people”?

We ask God to help us let go of the fear and choose the freedom of loving where we are, with the end in mind.

Is it easy? Nah.

But it is simple.




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