My Favorite Childhood Book

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writing Prompts. I didn’t link up due to the fact that I’m moving so I wrote and scheduled a couple of weeks worth of posts. When I saw this prompt: Write about my favorite childhood book, I knew I was going to do it!

My favorite childhood book is called Laurie and the Yellow Curtains. ♥ I love that book. I do! I still have it somewhere around here, not quite in mint condition, but it’s priceless in my heart.

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I love this book for a few reasons.

  • My name is Laurie.
  • I got it for my birthday when I was young.
  • I love the story.

This is how it starts: Ask Laurie where she lives and she will say, “Not in the city, not in the country. I live in between where it’s just right”.

That’s pretty much where I lived too, when I received the book. The thing is the Laurie in the book loved the color yellow. She wanted to put yellow curtains and paint the door yellow in a chicken coop her dad was building, in the doghouse, birdhouse…she loved yellow. Spoiler alert…while she and her mother were away visiting her grandmother, her dad built a playhouse just for her and it had a yellow door and yellow curtains. My heart is melting as I remember.

I wanted to be that Laurie. I wanted her playhouse with the yellow door and curtains. And as long as I have this book I will have just that.

Do you have a favorite childhood book? Do you still have it?

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Childhood Book”

  1. Love it! I feel the same way about the city, the country and a place “just right.” I kinda have a place that is both.
    And it’s a Laurie!
    My favorite book when I was really young was called, “Days With Frog and Toad.”

  2. I want to be in that place again one day but for now it’s more city than country or just right. I remember reading Frog and Toad with my kids. Dang, I’m old.

  3. Nurse Nancy Golden book. As an adult I bought the reprint and there were no changes! I also loved Little Women from the moment my mom first read it to me. It was a library book. we went to the bookmoblie every week.

  4. I love Golden Books. I have a collection bound into one. I’m not familiar with Nurse Nancy. Little Women was awesome too. What’s a library? It’s been so long since I’ve been to one. I love libraries. The downside of technology.

  5. What a cute book! I was an avid reader when I was little. I read everything, But for a long time, my very favorite was a book called The Gypsy Girl’s New Shoes. I don’t know why I loved it so much, but I did!


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