Family Fall Fun


It’s that time of year again! Autumn is here. Leaves are changing colors and falling, and we are hitting the hiking trails in anticipation (or dread) of colder weather to follow.

I’m not a cold weather kind of person. Nosiree, I’ll take the other three seasons, but please, PLEASE, no winter.

Don’t get me wrong. I like snow. Snow is cold, snow is wet, and it chills my soul down to the marrow. Oops, kicked into a little Carole King. It’s not the snow so much that bothers me. Why does snow have to fall when it’s cold?

I want snow, I do! At Christmas. And that is all.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It’s fall at present and we are hiking.

We ventured out over the weekend. Saturday we rented a 12 passenger van (compliments of the hubs) to transport us all – with the exception of my dad, my youngest son, my oldest brother, his son and granddaughter, to Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

Fall Trip Ride

It was lovely. It was a bit breezy, cloudy, and cool but we didn’t let that dampen our hiking spirits. Besides the fact that a member or our party who shall remain nameless, took a tumble on two different trails, but shook it off and carried on, we did okay.

Fall Hike


Autumn Color


Hiking with the family


Sky Bridge Red River Gorge

The next day the weather was great! My husband, daughter and I hit the road again, though we stayed a little closer to home. It happens every year, I just can’t get enough of outside. We found ourselves at Buffalo Trace Park in Harrison County, Indiana. Wandering Indiana again! The setting was picturesque and serene, although not as rustic.

Ducks on the lake


Buffalo Trace Park

We turned towards home and made a pit stop at The Falls of the Ohio. This is where Lewis and Clark began their trek West so many years ago.

Lewis and Clark Falls of the Ohio

The trail led to the river bed which we opted out of since we have done that several times. We stuck to the upper area.

Falls of the Ohio

As is usual on a day of hiking we had worked up an appetite. Dining Al Fresco was calling my name so we found a spot right on the river, with a few of Louisville.

Dining with an view

The day was pleasant, warm and cool, with rustling leaves and brilliant blue skies and colorful trees…just like fall is supposed to be. What do you do to prepare for winter? Do you have cold weather where you live?

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