Fall: A Recipe, a Craft or Not!

It’s the fourth day of Fall blogging with The Sits Girls and I’ve been having fun..up until now. šŸ™‚

So today’s prompt is to share a recipe or craft that is inspired by this special time of year. I’m not a real crafty sort of person, except forĀ an occasional attempt here and there; mostly around Christmas. (Click to see my ‘they-turned-out-so-so’ ornaments). But that’s about the extent of it.

Okay, I’ll fess up. This is what I did to satisfy that crafty urgeĀ thatĀ  begged to be fulfilled when the weather turned cooler. Promise not to laugh. I usually take the item pictured below thatĀ I’ve had for years, find some pretty red, orange and yellow leaves, aĀ few acorns, and a pine cone or two and bam…I have a centerpiece. That’s about as close asĀ I get to crafting.

This year, however, (and I’m not saying I’m proud of myself or anything) but I purchased a bag of small pumpkins and, well…see for yourself.

It’s sad, IĀ know.

As far as the recipe goes…I do love to cook, but I’m not a food blogging kind of person either. And no recipeĀ really stood out thatĀ had to be shared, so…I tweakedĀ this littleĀ writing assignmentĀ to make it fit me.

My friend Gabrielle has been busy decorating her house for Fall. She posted a picture of her front porch that I simply love! It’s what I want my front porch to look like when it grows up. With permission (and a photo) from the artist herself I present you with….drum roll please, Gabrielle’s porch…

Isn’t it pretty? She says it’s a work in progress, but I love it just the way it is. Thanks Gabrielle for letting me share and hopefully saving face (or not).

13 thoughts on “Fall: A Recipe, a Craft or Not!”

  1. I think your pumpkins look great! It is easy to feel pressured with all the amazing things on Pinterest, but most of us do not have the time, energy, funds, to go all out. Found you on SITS – have a great day!

  2. Beautiful porch! Yeah, I’m not really crafy either. I love that you borrowed from a friend to fulfill this one.

    To me, decorating for the holidays is just making a mess I have to clean up later. So not worth it. I do love looking at the decorating of others, though.

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day.

  3. I’m not terribly crafty either, but I do enjoy baking, so I posted a recipe!! Also, I hope to get some pumpkins this year. Ooh, and your friends porch looks beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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