Faith and Friends

Day 14 of 40 Days of Lent

I get this devotion.

I’ve lived this devotion.

Friends and faith. Faith and friends, they go together.

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Luke 5:20 says: And when He saw their faith, He said “man, your sins are forgiven.”

The story of the friends and the paralyzed man…they knew if they could just get this man in the presence of Jesus, he would be healed. But the crowd was too great. It seemed impossible.

Until they had the inspired idea to lower their friend through the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching. All they had to do was get their friend on the roof and lower him down.

Easy peasy.

What faith these friends had! To go through so much trouble… What love. How blessed was he to have such friends in his life. Friends who have faith when perhaps you don’t.

Have you ever been at a place so low that all you could do was whisper three simple, sincere words, “Help me, Jesus”?

I have. More than once.

How much better it is to have a faithful friend to bring you to Jesus when you can’t do it yourself.

Today’s devotion ended with these words:

If you know of someone whose situation seems hopeless be the friend whose faith can carry them to Jesus. Stop and pray for them. Send a text to let them know they aren’t without hope. If you’re the one feeling hopeless reach out to a friend and ask them to pray for you.

That what friends and faith are for.

That’s how you love where you are.


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