Embracing the Fog

Racing thoughts are often a part of my hectic, do-too-much-at-once life. I often plod through the day at lightening speed without an inkling of what I am feeling deep inside.

Do you ever feel like you’re going in all directions?

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A couple of weeks ago I encountered an experience I have never had before. I am doing life a little differently these days. I am taking things at a slower pace and digging deep down to pull out some things long ago buried, but alive and well and showing up in my everyday, present life.

These days I start my morning off with time for meditation, reflection and inspirational reading. I use different books and methods. Today I was reading a devotion from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It spoke to me. You can visit her site to discover more about Sarah and her writings: Sarah Young.

As you look at the day before you, you see a twisted, complicated path, with branches going off in all directions. You wonder how you can possibly find your way through that maze. Then you remember the One who is with you always, holding you by your right hand. You recall My promise to guide you with My counsel, and you begin to relax. As you look again at the path ahead, you notice that a peaceful fog has settled over it, obscuring your view. You can see only a few steps in front of you, so you turn your attention more fully to Me and begin to enjoy My Presence.

The fog is a protection for you, calling you back into the present moment. Although I inhabit all of space and time, you can communicate with Me only here and now. Someday the fog will no longer be necessary, for you will have learned to keep your focus on Me and on the path just ahead of you.

After I finished reading the devotion it occurred to me that I find the fog necessary for me now. I first thought it was a bad thing, evidence that my life is a little off balanced, or rather a lot, but I now see the fog for what it is meant to be in my life at this moment, and I am grateful.

I won’t always need the fog, but for now I will embrace it.


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