Embarrassing Moments

Today I am talking about an embarrassing moment from my school days. (Yes, I got the prompt from Mama Kat). We’re like…best buds. No, I’m not a stalker. She said we could share. No really!

Mama’s Losin’ It

It was actually very difficult to pick just one embarrassing moment from that time. There were a few. Okay there were A LOT! Where shall I begin?

I got it! Second grade. Recess. I was the jump rope queen! They called me jumping bean. Don’t be hating. It was my turn to be the rope twirler. Apparently someone else was giving me a run for my money that day because I was waiting for her to miss so she could take my place. You see, I had to go…really bad…to the point of dancing in place. I don’t know why I didn’t just drop the rope and run. It was like I had no control. I didn’t. The next thing I knew I felt something warm and wet running down my bare leg. Wearing a dress was the girls’ dress code back in the day. On the plus side I got to go home early that day.

Jumping Bean

Fourth grade…there was this time after lunch, a partially eaten, warm-ish bologna sandwich that didn’t settle quite right. The churning stomach. I knew it wasn’t going to  stay down too much longer. My teacher just so happened to be out of the room when I audibly gagged…er made a croak like sound was more like it. Someone in the class suggested I head to the restroom, fast. I made a mad dash and right in front of the water fountain…just steps away from the girl’s room, I lost it all.

I could go on.

Sixth grade…the lunchroom episode…someone had taken their tray to the place where you take your trays when you are finished. Only problem was this person didn’t quite make it. The tray was dropped, the contents (chili) were all over the floor. That’s about the time I was finished and needed to dispose of my tray. I was in a quandary, what to do, what to do? I thought I could make it through the mess if I took my time and tipped-toed around. I didn’t. I went down. I got a standing ovation.

I’m sure there are more embarrassing moments in high school. Perhaps even more than I care to recall. In fact, I know there are, but let’s just leave it at this. For now anyway.

I would love to hear yours.

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