Dumpster Diving?

I have been helping my mother and uncle get my deceased grandparents’ house ready to sell. This means going through a lot of stuff…my grandma saved EVERYTHING! Last week we arrived at the dumpster point. My mom had a dumpster delivered and we began filling it up. Dumpster diving, anyone?

Dumpster Diving

This is no slacker dumpster here, nope this dumpster means serious business. It would hold a lot of stuff so we put a lot of stuff inside.


Dumpster Diving

I took an inside picture of some of the items we threw away. (No, I wasn’t inside). It was getting full.

When my mom and I returned this week to continue our quest of throwing away, giving away and keeping to sell, we found the dumpster with a lot less stuff in it. The springs from two beds were gone, along with 2 very heavy whatever-stuffed mattresses, some old small appliances and other items we figured no one would pay money for.

I think we were right, no one would pay for those old items, but they would definitely dive in a dumpster for them!

Who knew there were dumpster divers in Podunk Kentucky?


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