Duck Dynasty Rant

I am actually not a Duck Dynasty watcher. I know a lot of people who are. No problem there. But I heard on the news yesterday that Duck Dynasty has taken the name Jesus out of the prayer at the end of the show so as not to offend Muslims. Say what?!

Duck Dynasty

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m assuming people watch Duck Dynasty for all of it’s Duck Dynasty-ness, for entertainment, not religion. Am I right? I would even go as far to say that most Muslims (or any other religion that doesn’t include Jesus) are not offended by the use of Jesus’ name. In fact, I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that if the show consisted of people of the Muslim faith and they ended their show with a prayer to Allah non-Muslims wouldn’t stop watching because they might be offend. You just know that’s part of the show. You don’t like, you don’t watch.

But hey, it show biz, right? Gotta keep those ratings up and maybe they are slipping a bit. Maybe someone suggested that praying in Jesus’ name was the reason. I don’t know.

This is America. Last I checked you could worship whomever or whatever you wanted.

Pray the way you pray or don’t. To change what you believe in fear of offending someone, and even worse (in my opinion) because of ratings…well Duck Dynasty, you just sold out.



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  1. My understanding was it was the editing team not any actor. In fact, they have gone public upset at their own editing team for doing it without even questioning the family. An agreement was reached that the practice would end (the removal of Jesus’ name in prayer). Hope this is truly the case.


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