Drug Addiction

It seems I have encountered drug addiction issues a few times this week. That’s not how I saw the week going.

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Because of the nature of my job, I talk with a lot of people who are dealing with issues. This week, drug addiction was the thing. A concerned sister-in-law called about her brother-in-law. He is in the hospital due to a drug overdose. She said they have been expecting it for years, but it still hurts. It’s still hard. This man’s mother has been at the hospital most of the week. She was faced with deciding on life support all because of drug addiction.

Hard stuff. Even when it is the likely outcome from choices made. Some argue it’s not a choice at all. It’s an illness. I get that but the choice to recover is always an option available to everyone who suffers from drug addiction issues.

Another family was dealt a blow by a husband, father and a dedicated employee to his job of many years. He has been in recovery for alcohol and sex addiction for most of his life. He also deals with mental health issues, so it’s been a long hard road. Out of the blue he discloses he is dealing with a drug addiction and has been for the last month or so. He wants help.

It’s not his first rehab rodeo nor that of his family. They just didn’t anticipate drug addiction so late in the recovery game. He already had enough on his plate. It wasn’t a total surprise when he came clean. There have been signs that something was going on, but drug addiction wasn’t what had been envisioned.

It’s hard not to grow weary. Of course, it’s difficult for the one getting clean but the family members suffer too, just in a different way. It’s not the way they saw their life going because drug addiction changes things. It’s a different playing field. It’s a legal issue as well as a health and financial issue which weigh heavy.

I feel for these families and so many others, trying to navigate the waters of recovery while taking responsibility for their own well-being. Drug addiction issues really are a family matter.

And families do matter.

Addiction is hard.

Working those things out is harder still.

Have you had to deal with drug addiction issues? What did that look like for you?

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