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“Do you watch Downton Abby?” It seems like that was the question I was asked over and over by so many people the past few years, and my answer was always the same, “No”. I would qualify it and tell people that I heard it was good, addictive even, but I just didn’t have time to add a television show to my too full schedule.

I’m not a huge television watcher. I watch U of L basketball when I can. I will tune into a few reruns of Boy Meets World, or Everybody Loves Raymond when my daughter is watching, but as a general rule, I don’t watch T.V. I watch movies, but not many TV shows.

Times they are a changing.

I took the plunge and purchased Season One of Downton Abby earlier this week. I watched the first show (along with another family member who wishes to remain anonymous), and I gotta tell you, I wasn’t that impressed. I really didn’t see what all the fuss was about. So I watched the second show and truthfully, I was still wondering what the deal was, and did I just waste $17.99?

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Enter the third show and BAM, I’m hooked! So is my co-watcher.

I get it folks! I get the addiction. We had to immediately watch the fourth show. And last night, we finished the season…there were seven shows in all.

Here’s the deal, when I purchased the first season at Target, I happily noticed there were plenty of second, third, four and fifth DVDs on the shelves. I was planning on an addiction to set in, so I figured I could go back and get season two any time I wanted. WRONG!

Last night it was decided by me and my husband co-watcher that I would go to Target this morning and purchase the next season. I went. I saw. I failed to produce. There were no second season DVDs. Zip, zilch, none. While standing in the very aisle, I texted my husband. Here is the convo:

Me: We have a problem, Houston. Downton Abby season 2 is sold out.

Him: Oh no, that is indeed a catastrophe. What to do?

Me: Trying another Target.

Him: Thank heavens there are options.

I’m only exaggerating this texting conversation, or rather we were overplaying the whole thing.

But here’s what I did do, I called another Target right there, standing in the DVD aisle.

Good new! They had eight copies! Yes!

I drove over to the other store and determinedly walked to the movie section of the store. I found the TV series grouping and then found Downton Abby. There they all were, right before my eyes, all except season two. Really?!!!

An employee asked me if I needed help. I told him I certainly did and explained my dilemma. He was sorry but assured me there were no other season two DVDs in the store.

I stood. I looked at the Downton Abby set of seasons 1-4. I wasn’t really prepared to buy an entire set so I paced. I thought, I paced some more. I picked up the set and headed to the check-out before I could change my mind.

I am now the happy owner of Downton Abby seasons 1-4 and it’s official. Yes, I do watch Downton Abby, and now I am addicted too.

Are you addicted?

tv series, addicted to shows , movies, television, tv shows, PBS, Downton Abby


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  1. Yes, we watch and yes, we did the binge watch thing to catch up on the three seasons we had missed. We got the first season from our library and then signed up for a free month of Netflix to watch the second and third seasons. I love that my husband likes it just as much as me!


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