Don’t Give Up on What?

I have been immersed in all things Don’t Give Up, the newest book by Kyle Idleman, senior pastor at Southeast Christian Church. Not only am I reading the book, but Kyle is teaching a series based on Don’t Give Up. Our small groups are following a Don’t Give Up group curriculum. I’m pretty much surrounded by this Don’t Give Up message.

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I was thinking about the things I’ve been reading and hearing, and discussing around this Don’t Give Up theme, and it hit me that maybe there are people who don’t know what they’re not supposed to give up on.

Kyle talks about a few different things in the sermon, and group videos. He covers more in-depth in the book. But do you know what it is you, YOU personally, aren’t’ supposed to give up on?

It can look a little different for different people. Maybe you’re not supposed to give up on your marriage, but there are real issues that need real attention, practically speaking. Maybe you need help navigating this? Maybe you need to put some boundaries in place or some safe parameters, or maybe even some healthy distance.

If it’s your finances, I’m pretty sure there are practical steps that need to be taken and structure put in place. And again, maybe you need to ask for help.

Or an addiction, or religious belief, or work issues. The list of possibilities are only limited to the people who are experiencing them.

Do you know what it is you aren’t supposed to give up on? Do you know what it looks like not to give up? It’s not always cut and dry, and I think Kyle addressed that in his first sermon; Don’t Give Up on your marriage. You can click this link and listen in: Don’t Give Up on Marriage.

But I think the bottom line, for me anyway, is don’t give up on God. He’s not finished with you. He’s not finished with your story. He knows how He wants it to go, to end, and all that comes in between.

Once I came to that conclusion, I was able to embrace this whole Don’t Give Up message. I was able to lean in and perhaps let go of what I thought it would look like. Perhaps the biggest lesson for me is trusting God with the story, the story that is my life.

I’m still not exactly sure what not giving up looks like for me, but I do know that I won’t give up on God. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say He’s the only constant in the chaos. He’s the only One who will never leave.

Don’t give up. God is faithful to do what He says if you lean into His loving embrace.

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