Dog Stuff

I made another vlog today about… Dog Stuff. There is no rhyme or reason as to why this has happened to me, this whole vlogging thing, but I am running around like crazy (I sort of sang the word crazy) trying to get ready for the trip we are taking to the National Stuttering Association annual conference. The idea for my next vlog (this one) has been rolling around in my head since well… since the last vlog (click here) I made. I have more ideas too, just so you know.

I am still playing with the whole camera thing. I used my Nikon today and I wasn’t impressed with the quality. Not saying it’s the camera…just saying. I like my Android recording better but the picture is small. And I totally need a camera operator, which my sixteen year old agreed to. Yay!

So perhaps next time will be better! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dog Stuff”

  1. You are just SO ADORABLE!!! That was hilarious and cute and omgosh- how I would hate to walk around with hot messy stinky poop in a bag for another three miles! I am a pet “liker” too… not lover…not hater. 😉

    • I’m sure I’ll get over this whole vlog thing eventually, though it is kind of fun. And yeah, the whole dog/bag thing is…yuk!

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