Dog Sitting

I did a little dog sitting last week. Oh boy! Did you read how I was attacked by a dog recently? Adopt a Shelter Pet It’s not like I don’t like pets. I do…when they belong to other people.

I was doing this as a favor to my brother and his family while they were on vacation. Moby, their dog, had spent the week with his grandma (I can’t believe I’M talking this language) but there was a conflict so I took the last night, being as how he is my dog-nephew and all (again with the people/pet lingo).

He’s a cute dog! And pretty low maintenance as far as dogs go.

Beyond My Blue Door

My brother left a few instructions for me since I am pet-clueless. One of the things I was to do was take Moby for a walk around 7:00 ish, which would help him to sleep better. A win/win. No problem there. And then I read the rest of the note…”Don’t forget to take a bag!” Seriously? Did he not watch my Youtube video called Dog Stuff? Guess not.

Seven o’ clock rolled around as I knew it would. I was up for the challenge, plus my daughter was coming over to walk him with me! So I got this brilliant idea. While I was waiting for her to arrive I would put the Mobster on his leash and take him out in the front yard and wait for her, and if I got really lucky, he would do his doggie thing in his own yard and I could leave it there, right?

We waited for Brittany for about 20 minutes and it was a no go. My plan had failed and it was now time to hit the pavement with a plastic bag hanging out of my back pocket.

We took Moby around the block and were nearing the final corner which was close to the house. I thought perhaps we were home free, and then he stopped for real. He did his business and I did mine. I even sent my brother a pic of the bag so he could share the joy.

Dog Sitting 2

It was not that big of a deal really, when all was said and done.

My brother had told me in advance that Moby sleeps with them, my brother and his wife. He sleeps at the foot of the bed, I was told, so he wouldn’t be all up in my face. Hey, it’s a big bed. It should work.


Mobs must have been missing his peeps because he slept beside me the entire night, snorting and licking every time he woke up. It was a long night for someone who isn’t used to sleeping with a pet.

It really wasn’t that bad, if truth be told, but I don’t think I’ll sign up for dog sitting again any time son.


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  1. Our bed is like the pet bed. When I wake up in the morning, there is usually 2 dogs and a cat on the bed, sometimes 3 dogs, and sometimes 2 cats. They are not little dogs either. I guess it could be worse since we have 7 animals. Sometimes it’s a little squished though. LOL


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