Do You Feel Like I Do

Sometimes I feel like a squirrel. I was watching one just the other day in my front yard. The landscape at this house has lava rocks instead of mulch. This squirrel looked like he was trying to bury a rock. “Stupid squirrel”, I was thinking until I realized it was a nut. Stupid me. This cute little rodent with a long, bushy tail was scurrying from spot to spot trying to decide where to stow this prized possession until it was needed at a later date.

We continue to bring boxes from the storage unit to the house and I continue to open them, and at times, unpack them and put them away. Other times I tend to be like the squirrel and unload the box, look through the stuff and place it in a pile or put it back into the box, or better still, a storage tote. I run from place to place with the prize in my hand trying to determine what to do with it!

Here are a few of the “nuts” that I lug around.

This is an autograph book from 6th-7th grade. The idea was to get your classmates to sign it. It was all the rage back in the day.
And a picture of my favorite entry totally cracks me up. We thought we were so clever. Gonna need this some day, in the dead of winter, I know for a fact.
And then there is my Etienne Aigner cigarette case. Keep in mind that I haven’t smoked since I was 18 years old, but I loved the case. Etienne Aigner was a status symbol among teens in the 70s. I’m not into that sort of thing now but back then it was quite a different story. I had a purse, a key chain and a leather coat. The only thing I kept was the cigarette case…
Another thing I came across was
 this cardboard sign.
This is the original sign that was made for our car on our wedding day. Why do I still have this? Really? It’s like the countless cards that both my husband and I have kept over the years. My husband even has cards from his first communion and first birthday! He says, “If you’ve kept them this long, why throw them away now.” There is some logic in that, I suppose, however, I keep thinking about all the stuff our kids will have to one day sort through and probably pitch.
So these are a few of my findings that I am trying hard to part with. Not sure that’ll happen. I did manage to toss the tissue paper snowflakes (with glitter) that my kids made when they were but wee little one. And speaking of my kids, these are two pictures that my sister-in-law entered in the State Fair. My kids are now 21 and 19. I’ve kept these pics all these years with the mat and fair entry tag. I finally took a couple of shots of them and simply kept the pictures. Taking pictures of pictures…well…you lose a little quality.


Well, that’s it for now. I will continue my search and rescue and hopefully toss some more things I’ve been holding on to for so many years. I’m running out of room!

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  1. Nice cigarette case! I got one when in high school and still use it today..abeit a little ragged now. Mine is well over 20 years old now but I wish it looked as good as yours 🙂


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