Do I Have Time For This?

Do I have time for this? (I’m talking about writing this post). Probably not. I should be taking notes for the open notes quiz tomorrow, or preparing my 2 minute presentation for class in the morning, or beginning my 300 word essay that’s due Wednesday or reading, always reading. That pretty much sums up my first week in school.

Not complaining, mind you. I like what I’m learning. I like being in the classroom, stretching my mind, meeting new people, even if they are all young enough to be my kids. In fact, I had a girl tell me yesterday that I was old enough to be her grandmother! Really? Not a huge math fan but that doesn’t quite add up.

It’s been a challenging week for us all, trying to figure out the work schedule, keeping up with the laundry and all things involved with meal preparation, and let’s not forget my studying…nope, can’t forget that!

I’m counting the days left of this mid-quarter-8-credit-hour- cram-session and then we’ll see. I consider this opportunity, among other things, practice for things to come, or not… at least not right now, and not in this fashion, but in my future for sure.

I’m thankful for a supportive family who has pulled together to maintain the many obligations. And also for friends who have been very encouraging. It’s been an interesting week.

2 thoughts on “Do I Have Time For This?”

  1. What classes do you have, Laurie? Overall, it sounds like you are adjusting well, and it’s just been four days!!! You go, girl! <><

  2. I have two 2 hour classes Mon-Thur. One is a Dale Carnegie class and the other is a college overview/study skill kind of class…both required. It’s a huge adjustment. Thanks for cheering me on!


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