Discipline: Achieving Your Dreams

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My youngest brother is a gifted musician and talented song writer. There are often lyrics from his songs that stick with me Here is one such line: It’s never too late to start all again, make changes to plan a new course.

Don’t get behind on your dreams.

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There is a word that has assisted many people in pursuing their dreams. That word is discipline. I hear the groaning now! It’s not a fun word, is it? It’s not a word that instills a fount of overflowing joy. If we are ever to aspire to our dreams, however, discipline is a necessary part of that process.

Jim Rohm wrote this in his book Living an Inspired Life – “Discipline enables you to capture your emotions and wisdom and translate them into action”.

Discipline can be viewed as a gap-closer, the bridge between the things you want in your life and achieving the things you desire.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that one undisciplined day is no big deal. Undisciplined days add up to years, and the years to a lifetime.

It’s never too late to start all again, make changes to plan a new course.

According to Jim Rohm, discipline is like a set of magic keys that can unlock all the doors of happiness, high self-esteem, wealth, joy, accomplishment, satisfaction and success.

Here are the keys:

• Awareness – realizing what you must do to achieve what you desire.

•Willingness – becoming eager to continue with your new found discipline deliberately, wisely and consistently.

•Commitment – being firmly committed to mastering the circumstances of your daily life, to see an opportunity and make something good come from the bad things that happen.

Your destination is a process that comes from making a changes in the direction you are going, and that only comes through discipline.

Discipline is essentially striving to fulfill our God-given potential, and to become all we were meant to be.

Remember the One Degree Principle? Just start the process of discipline, one tiny step at a time. You will eventually see the fruit of your labor; the product of the seeds of discipline you have sown in your life which will bring about the changes you desire.

Don’t be afraid of discipline.

You don’t have to do it alone. We are helping women design the futures their futures.

What small step would you like to take? What change do you want to make?



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