Disappointments in Life

Well, that didn’t go the way we had planned. Life has a way of turning out differently than we envision. Disappointments in life can creep in from any avenue. Have you ever had an important meeting or event that was suppose to go a certain way and it didn’t? Not that it was guaranteed. It was simply implied…a few times, by someone who should know but they left out a few key factors.

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That was the case yesterday. Disappointments in life abounded because of a very difficult meeting and a tough day overall. I awoke with a sense that all would not turn out the way we had thought and I was right. Sometimes I hate being right.

This was an important meeting involving a professional who was to provide us with the final missing pieces of this life puzzle before we signed on the dotted line, so to speak. But now, due to the misinformation, we get to rework the puzzle which fills us with disappointments in life galore, but, to my surprise, we are finding pieces that fit just as well that will hopefully produce the intended results we started out to procure in the first place.

This is all a little vague I know, and that’s okay because disappointments in life can occur in so many areas of our lives. And if you know what I’m talking about, in a general sort of way, having experienced the unexpected turn of events that produce disappointments in life; not that this will change your outcome or help you find the missing pieces to your puzzle, but a single scoop of your favorite ice cream, from your local ice cream shop, in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl does wonders in starting you on the path of reconfiguring and regrouping.

Today is a new day. A time to recharge and revamp and to once again take the steps, one at a time, to continue the process of doing what we know to do. And that’s a good thing because yesterday was full of disappointments, ice cream scoop and all.

Please tune into my podcast, Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Planned to be encouraged by the stories of others who have dealt with disappointments.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Reading your post – I remembered a specific event in our lives last year.. At the time it was awful and very disappointing.. Today – looking back – it happened for a reason and because it happened that particular way – our lives are better for it.. could not have convinced me a year ago…
    Good luck to you!
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  2. Yes, I do know what you mean. We had a little bit of unsettling news that I honestly don’t get a good feeling from. However, I am leaving it in God’s hands. Saying a prayer for you for God’s will to be done.


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