Disappointments are a part of life. We all face many challenges and some are bound to be full of disappointments. Even the very young have to deal with disappointments whether they are able to articulate what is going on or not. My recent podcast about Disappointments uses Joseph in the Old Testament as an example. His story is told in Genesis chapters 37 through 50. He was a man who knew about being disappointed and yet in spite of all the things he experienced he went on to do brave and honorable acts. Because of that, he is considered one of the heroes of the faith.

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It doesn’t matter what the disappointments are about. They cause us to doubt God, especially if we are Christ followers. Does that statement surprise you? People (especially Christians) seem to think that doubting God is a measure of our faith or lack thereof. It isn’t. Look at Thomas in the New Testament (see John chapter 20). Jesus chose to appear to Thomas first after His ascension and return to earth. God is not put off by our doubts or question.

Some disappointments in life are greater than others. Some will change our lives forever. Trusting God when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned determines how we choose to respond to disappointments.

Our disappointments don’t have to define us. They don’t tell the whole story. They are typically stepping stones along the way to something better, which most often doesn’t look a thing like we pictured for our lives or future.

Life Takes a Few Turns

Some people, like Joseph in Genesis, choose to trust in God while walking through disappointments including my friend Andrena. We talked about the journey her family took when they left their home to come to the United States in the podcast called Life Takes a Few Turns. She chooses to follow God no matter what she is faced with, or the longings of her heart that haven’t yet manifested and perhaps never will.

Choosing To Trust God

We all have disappointment stories. Most us have a time we can recall choosing to trust God when life didn’t turn out the way we planned. There is no shame in that. In fact, it can change our lives in the best way if we allow Him to do the work in our hearts that each situation allows.

Disappointments will always be a fact of life. Choosing to continue to trust God in spite of the circumstances that surround us is an option that can change the legacy you are leaving.


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