Dirty Ducts, Done Dirt Cheap

I am freezing while sitting in my living room. Okay, so maybe not freezing, exactly, but dang, it’s cold! We are having the duct work cleaned in the house today. It is 44 degrees outside; 62 degrees inside…and falling. A door has to be open in order to allow the equipment inside.

 This is the equipment in the back yard.


And the other two are the hoses coming into the house, going into the crawl space. Fun times!
We moved into this house the end of August. I started having allergy-type symptoms immediately following. I have NEVER had allergies before. Occasionally I would smell a dirt-like odor upon entering the house. The other peeps in the fam told me I was crazy…except for my husband who would agree at times, that he smelled it too.
After talking to a “quality air specialist” about the issue, we decided to have the ducts cleaned, in hopes that this would solve the problem. We shall see.
The man doing the work took some pics on his phone which he is supposed to email to my husband on Monday…the before and after pictures of the duct work. There is a huge difference. I’ll post them if he really does send them.
As far as the title of this post…not so cheap after all.



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