My Dearest Daughters

Today I start a series of letters from a mother to her daughters. Here is the first one.

Capturing a beautiful sunset. Letter One

My Dearest Daughters,

I am old in age yet young at heart, and my mind is filled with the wisdom I have acquired along the journey of my life; sometimes good, sometimes difficult but always moving and with plenty of lessons to share.

You are grown now with daughters of your own, and sons as well. Perhaps you think the time has passed for these words to be handed down, and perhaps it has. Or perhaps these words, however long overdue, delivered now, are arriving just when you need them the most.

I have not shared with you often enough, my dearest daughters, how very much you mean to me. Your presence in my life is the greatest gift I have received. I am forever grateful to have the honor of being your mother. You came and grew so very quickly. How often did I wish I could stop the hands of time just for a minute or two, or days…Time is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals because we think in limits of the time restraints that we have in this physical life; minutes, weeks, years, a lifetime, that really isn’t a lifetime at all, but as a drop in the bucket of a vast body of water.

Time is your greatest asset and ally, yet a foe as well. It’s better to go with the natural flow than waste the precious minutes fighting against it, the valuable sand that sifts through the hourglass, constantly marching into the future.

You are busy now I know, with your own lives and battles against the clock, but I do hope, my dearest daughters, that you will stop for just a moment to indulge your mum and yourselves as well and hear the ramblings of an old woman with many things to share.

With Love and Devotion,


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