My Dearest Daughters

Letter Three


My Dearest Daughters,

How is it that we as children think of our parents as merely that, our parents, without a life apart or even before our own? I am here to tell you that I existed, lived, thrived and grew way before you were but a thought. It is natural, I suppose, to simply go along with that attitude, until we are older ourselves and realize that life is finite. I have things to share with you; my stories of growing up, or rather I should say, stories of growing up, for they all are not my own.

Siblings are a gift that are often overlooked and not appreciated until years down the road. Friends for life, is a better name for siblings, if one takes the time to nurture the relationship, instead of competing with it. I had a taste of that while growing up.

There is a built-in vying for affection when perhaps not enough attention was paid by the parents. I have a huge love and an enormous amount of respect for my parents. They failed to be perfect, as is the natural way all parenting goes. We come into this world without a manual to hand to the ones who gave us life. It is more often than not that we parent like we were raised, and that can be good, but most often, not quite what we need.

Learn to appreciate the common things with your siblings, and those strengths they possess that are different from your own. They can be of great value to you down the road, and vice versa. Hold them close to your heart, and keep in contact with them when you are grown. These are the people who have known you from the beginning, who even loved you without reason.

My dearest daughters, if you have ought against one another make it right. Make haste and go now! Resolve the matter, for nothing is more important than family, and the family from which you came can be a tremendous blessing when times are hard.



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  1. Sometimes I think I am still learning that myself. Thankfully though my kids did and do fuss, they like each other and are very supportive. Love that about them!


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